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Privacy Policy
Creative Technology Corp. is attentive to its duty and corporate social responsibility to protect personal information and handles personal information based on the following policies.
■Personal information protection policies
  1. Collection of Personal Information
    Creative Technology Corp. collects, uses and provides personal information in an appropriate manner and implements strict security measures to prevent illegal access to and loss and/or leakage of personal information to third party.
  2. Usage of Personal Information
    Creative Technology Corp. will notify you of the intended purpose for which the information is being collected.
  3. Disclosure to Third Parties
    Personal information will not be disclosed to any third parties except under the following circumstances.
    When the person in question grants permission.
    When required by law.
  4. Security Management
    Creative Technology Corp. implements logical security measures to protect personal information against loss, leakage, alteration, or illegitimate access over networks.
  5. Policy review
    This policies will be reviewed and updates as needed in line with changes in the operating environment.

Created 2008/9/1