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 Surface Treating Technology
Provide high-functional surface treatment with insulation property, conductive property, corrosion-resisting property, withstand attrition property and etc to adapt to all environment.

Surface Treating Technology
Anodize Process High Spec electrolyte and electrolysis method produces an anodize oxidation coating with an oxide film that is much harder than standard oxidation coatings. In addition, we can provide custom anodize hardness per customer specifications.
Thermal Spray Coating The coating material is melted or softened by heating that produces fine particles that are applied by impact into the object to be coated. Thermal spraying forms a coating by solidifying and depositing flatly crushed particles. Creative Technology offers various types of thermal spraying with high purity and less particle including air plasma spraying, decompression plasma spraying, and high-speed flame spraying
Electrolytic Plating Creative Technology is meeting the challenges of new materials with a highly efficient non-electrolyzed plating method. This method allows for outstanding adhesion strength and electrical conductivity compared to conventional metalization methods such as sputtering, vapor deposition, and printing calcination.
Ion Plating With ion plating, a reaction gas (nitrogen, acetylene, etc.) is applied where the plating substance has been heated, evaporated, and ionized. Under this circumstance, a hard metallic compound particle is produced by metal ion and reaction gas. Ion plating is a method of producing a hard coating due to the bombardment of accelerated particles on the frame surface to which a negative (-) voltage has been applied. Creative Technology offers various types of coatings.